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How to Improve Training Effectiveness in Adult Learners

Here is an excerpt from http://www.strengtheningnonprofits.org on Tips to improve Training Effectiveness in Adult Learners. Incorporate adults’ prior learning and experience It’s important to capitalize on the rich prior experience that adult learners have when they enter the training by incorporating that experience into the session. Also, inaccurate information that people think is correct can … Continue reading How to Improve Training Effectiveness in Adult Learners

Word of the day: Social Networks

Social Networks Social networks are social structures of social units that are connected to each other through one or more forms of interdependence. Social networks are held together due to common interests. Employees are more likely to form networks with coworkers who have common educational backgrounds and occupational interests. Source: Canadian Organizational Behaviour 9; McShane, … Continue reading Word of the day: Social Networks

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