I have been very busy this year. I began a new path of study in January that I hope will lead me to a diploma in Human Resources. It will eventually lead to a career change, so I have given it a whole lot of attention because I want to learn the new material to … Continue reading


5 Habits Of People Who Always Get Promoted

Some employees just seem to be ahead of the curve and reap the rewards. Here’s how to be that person. Check the link to read this article by Gwen Moran. https://www.fastcompany.com/3047794/5-habits-of-the-best-employees

How to Improve Training Effectiveness in Adult Learners

Here is an excerpt from http://www.strengtheningnonprofits.org on Tips to improve Training Effectiveness in Adult Learners. Incorporate adults’ prior learning and experience It’s important to capitalize on the rich prior experience that adult learners have when they enter the training by incorporating that experience into the session. Also, inaccurate information that people think is correct can … Continue reading How to Improve Training Effectiveness in Adult Learners