Are you an active listener?

Active listening: the process of sensing a sender’s signals, evaluating them accurately, and responding appropriately. These three attributes of active listening only pertain to the receiver’s end of a communication transaction, and frequently cycle through each step during a conversation. I find that I regularly have a problem with interrupting people during conversations that I … Continue reading Are you an active listener?


Term of the day: Mental Models

Mental models Mental models are internal representations of the external world that allow us to visualize elements of a setting and relationships among those elements. A sender of communication and receiver with shared mental models of the communication context have similar images and expectations regarding the location, time, layout and other contextual features of the … Continue reading Term of the day: Mental Models

What is Communication?

Communication is the act of conveying information for the purpose of creating a shared understanding. It’s something that humans do every day. The word “communication” comes from the Latin “communis,” meaning “to share,” and includes verbal, non-verbal and electronic means of human interaction. Scholars who study communication analyze the development of communication skills in humans … Continue reading What is Communication?